Come back home - MERCURY 72354



ListenCome Back Home is just love the sort of blue tinged ballad I love. A fine gospel based lead vocalist emotes over a gently cooing chorus backed by a crack team of Big Apple session men (is that Eric Gale on guitar?) enlivened by a soprano sax wailing all around the tune. The run out groove when the singer gets down on his knees and pleads is absolutely first class. This was recorded in 1964 when soul was emerging from it's constituent musical parts. The flip "Red Ball Express" is good uptempo R & B.

I guess this is the same group as the one who cut such fine doo wop for King/Federal in the 50s, including the immortal "White Cliffs Of Dover" but I'm not 100% positive. If they are the same group then the superb lead here is by David Baughan.



ListenCome back home / Red ball express ~ MERCURY 72354 (1964)



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