Look what you've done to our love - MOLLY-JO 1008


Carolyn Champion

Nothing that Georgia Singer Carolyn Champion cut comes near to the passion and emotional commitment that she shows on ListenLook What You’ve Done To Our Love. In her tone and phrasing you can hear echoes of Shirley Brown and this blue feeling song is simply stunning. Veteran Macon producer Bobby Smith and arranger/writer Atwood “Top” Gervin bring all their expertise to bear, using tastefully echoed rhythm guitar, electric piano fills and beautifully arranged horns to create a perfect backdrop for Champion’s pain. Love that change of pace in the bridge as well.

I feel it comin' - SOUL-PO-TION 108Of Carolyn’s Soul-Po-Tion 45s her first is easily the pick. Not only is ListenI Feel It Comin' the best of the songs, but Bobby Marchan’s production values are way higher than those usually employed by Jesse Boone for his own label. A horn section no less! And a very good pianist, making this a fine southern side. She does a pretty good job on Conway Twitty’s “As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone” as well but the  determinedly “low fi” approach of the production does her no favours.



Am I your woman lover or friend / ListenLook what you've done to our love ~ MOLLY JO 1007/8
ListenI feel it comin' / Track ~ SOUL POTION 108 (late 60s)
As soon as I hang up the phone / Track ~ SOUL POTION 126 (1974)
Walk in the rain / The rain ~ SOUL POTION 132 (1975)
I'm so glad I met you / Inst ~ SOUL POTION 139


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