Why did I get married - CHUBBY 711


Tony Baxter


Tony Baxter's finest release was undoubtedly his 45 for Gates, based in Atlanta GA. This record is a really strong double sider, and it is hard to pick the better track so high is the quality. ListenLet The Past Be The Past may just get its head in front thanks to his hoarse wailing and tasteful background harmonies. But ListenWhy Is It Taking So Long , taken at a slightly faster pace, has the better chord changes and more insistent horns. So it really is a matter of taking your pick.


Why is it taking so long - GATES 1501Baxter's Chubby 45 is well worth picking up too as it is another strong two sided effort. "I'll Come To You" is a solid midpacer and the well structured blues ListenWhy Did I Get Married asks a very pertinent question. In the early 80s Baxter recorded a version of Brother James' "Get Up Offa That Thing" for cult producer Bobby O that has become something of a dance floor anthem. And on this he was billed as "Screamin' Tony Baxter" an excellent description for his efforts not just on that track but on all his recordings.



ListenWhy did I get married / I'll come to you ~ CHUBBY 711 (mid 60s)
ListenWhy is it taking so long / ListenLet the past be the past ~ GATES 1501 (mid 60s)
Lovin' you got baby / How long ~ DING DONG 349 
Screamin' ~ BMC 12" 2009 (1982)
Do Wacha gonna do ~ MEMO MEMO 34 (1984)
Get up offa that thing ~ GODFATHER II (1985)



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