Let me take back the things I said - AWESOME 1904


Nadine Brown


Down in Miami they were still making deep soul well into the 80s as this first class 45 demonstrates - or at least Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke were. Nadine Brown has a lovely contralto voice full of passion, supple yet firm enough to really hit home. The simple arpeggio piano/guitar backing on Let Me Take Back The Things I Said has just the right feel for the regretful song and the synth strings are just about quiet enough to be bearable. Love the girl chorus down in the mix as well. Nadine's other single for the Georgia Coastal concern "Your Love" must have been recorded around the same time. This is a rather typical 80s indie ballad with a production in which the synths are rather too intrusive. Also the song isn't quite as strong as the Awesome release but Nadine's vocal is a powerful as ever and well worth hearing.

Leave me alone - PERFECTION SOUND 663


Let me take back the things I said / Gypsy man ~ AWESOME 1904
Your love / Sho' ain't nothing without love ~ COASTAL 2101 (1983)
Leave me alone / Since I fell for you ~ PERFECTION SOUND 663


UPDATE ~ Thanks to Brian Poust (see Links) has written with extra info on Nadine's 45 on Perfection Sound. I'm grateful to him as always.


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