Take a good look - FAME 1001

James Barnett

"Keep On Talking" is one of those fairly rare Northern soul tracks that was recorded below the Mason -Dixon line, and to be truthful it's not too bad a song either. But flip it over - something I'll bet not many DJs have done - and you'll find this classic Alabama deep soul ballad ListenTake A Good Look. The price of the dance side has meant that many fans have never heard this track before and it is a pleasure to put it on this page.

For those of you who - like me - think that Muscle Shoals made the best music ever here's a track that makes the point perfectly. The usual A team of Hawkins, Hood, Johnson and Beckett are clearly present and it may well be Junior Lowe playing those lovely guitar licks as well. The horns are well to the fore as they should be and the whole instrumental package will bring a smile to your face. On top of all this Barnett double tracks his own vocal to very good effect and the way he screams the run out groove will broaden the smile even further. It goes without saying that the production from Rick Hall is immaculate.


Keep on talking / ListenTake a good look ~ FAME 1001 (1966)



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