Harry Brown

New York soul singer Harry Brown has only ever had a scattered few discs to his name – but all the “official” ones are well worth checking out as there are deep tracks on almost all of them.

Aurally I think that the Negi 45 must have been his first 45. ListenWithout You is an early soul / R & B ballad of considerable charm helped by a meandering solo trumpet and some solid keyboard work from members of Al Browne's Orchestra. The song has some tasty chord changes as well.


rown’s second release can be dated thanks to the “Funky Jerk” title – a clear reference to the dance craze of 1964 / 5. It’s not clear whether the two part version of this forgettable number (Upset) or the single on Azetta came first. But this is surely the version to get as the top side ListenDon’t Keep Me Waiting (Too Long) is a far superior effort. This easy paced blues ballad is a firm favourite here. The full horn section are excellent as is Harry’s committed vocal performance. But tiny Azetta and almost as small Negi were never going to get Brown into the charts – more’s the pity.

After a long break Brown returned to recording around the turn of the 70s. I have a flawed acetate of a lovely tune he put down entitled ListenBaby I’m Blue. Despite the fact that was never issued anywhere I’d like to feature it here as a Great Unknown deep soul ballad. Choice chord changes plus some sanctified piano / organ and super horns back up Brown’s heartfelt verses and tender little rap.

Lo and behold this song did surface on the obscure Golden Flamingo label as a 12” in the mid 70s. This was a vastly extended version of ListenBaby I'm Blue, but sounded so similar to the acetate it must have been from the same session.

Sadly all of Brown’s discs appeared on tiny labels – mostly long forgotten now. So he’s hardly a household name – but his songs richly deserve their place in these chronicles.



ListenWithout you / Little girl  ~ NEGI 10 /11 (early 60s)
Funky jerk / Pt 2 ~ UPSET 009 (1964 / 5)
ListenDon’t keep me waiting (too long) / Funky jerk ~ AZETTA 1002 (1964 / 5)
It’s just as hard for a man as it is for a woman / ListenBaby I’m blue ~ GOLDEN FLAMINGO 14000 (70s)


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