Chris Bradley

One Heartache Jer Jim Han 105The tiny Jer Jim Han label out of Pontiac, MI was run by guitarist Jerry Yates and his associates Jimmy Rollins and Hanley Johnson. The label was pretty much all pop, rock and country music, although the 45 by the blond Hymes Sisters has had some dancefloor action from the Northern soul crowd.

But contrary to what you might read elsewhere on the net, there was one 45 on JerJimHan that is worthy of serious attention from lovers of real Afro-American music and that is the obscurity I feature here. Both sides of what appears to be Chris Bradley’s only disc are mighty fine – whether that’s the straightahead blues of the top side “If I Get Over This” or the superb deep soul of ListenOne Heartache on the flip.

he backing is really well played and arranged (producer Yates I would guess) and the subdued horns are pitched just right. Plus Bradley has a strong rasping tone to his vocal which really hits the spot. This 45 is so obscure it is pretty much invisible - good luck in finding a copy.


If I get over this / ListenOne heartache ~ JER JIM HAN 105 (late 60s)


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