Charles "Soul" Brown

This early Nola release is the only 45 under his own name by Charles Brown, but his time as a vocalist for Wardell Quezergue’s Sultans lasted a lot longer than the disc, which sadly sank without trace when it was issued. Both sides feature the Big Q’s band of course – love that huge horn section of course – and both sides are great N’Awlins music. The easy swaying “I’ll Love You (If You Let Me)” has considerable charm, and more than a hint of “Stand By Me” in the melody and rhythm arrangement. On the other side ListenStanding On The Outside is clearly heavily influenced by the sort of blues ballad that Bobby Bland made into his own. Now I am one of Bland’s biggest fans of course, so anything that sounds like the Great Man is meat and drink to me. I love Brown’s gospel drenched delivery and the plaintive rap in the middle. But just check out that call and response finish. Really great!


I’ll love you (if you let me ) / ListenStanding on the outside ~ NOLA 702 (1963)

Notes ~

1.You can read more about Charles Brown and related matters at Red Kelly’s excellent “Soul Detective” blog here.

2. My great friend Michel reminds me that you can find "I'll love you" on the Night Train CD "Fumigate Funky Broadway" under Sax Kari's name. The sound on this CD is better than others that I have criticised from this company and is perfectly acceptable.

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