Black Exotics

South Carolina’s legendary United label didn’t have a great deal of Afro-American music on it, but what there was there was always interesting. From Linzy Washington’s excellent deep soul right through to the United Sounds hideously expensive gospel tune. Both sides of this fine release are covers – the dancers go for the “Theme From Blackbyrds” side taken from trumpeter Donald Byrd’s backing band original from 1974. But those of us who prefer a little more emotion in our music will love the Black Exotics cover of ListenWhat Am I waiting For written by Bunny Sigler and Ron Tyson and originally recoded by the O’Jays in 1975. This United side has much to commend it including a very committed lead vocal and some strong harmonies.


The other release by the Black Exotics was another cover, this time of Razzy Bailey’s celebrated “I Hate I Hate”. I would assume that like the original this side was recorded in Macon, Georgia where the terminally obscure Mark 1 label was based.





Theme from blackbyrds / ListenWhat am I waiting for ~ UNITED 0311 (later 70s)
I hate hate / Boogie to the beat ~ MARK 1 37415/6 (later 70s)


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