Another lovin' kind of feeling - CORAL 62522Billy & Wolfe

It’s time for this forgotten 45 to be given a proper airing here. ListenAnother Lovin’ Kind Of Feelin' is a big city ballad full of righteous feeling from two totally committed vocalists. The orchestral arrangement fits the song like a glove giving the cut a rich feel – but the singers are raw enough even for a purist like me. This was put together by those stalwarts of the 60s scene in New York, Buddy Scott and Jimmy Radcliffe. I don’t know anything about Billy or Wolfe but it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that they are Scott and Radcliffe in disguise.

This great song was also cut by Pat Lundy for De Luxe.


ListenAnother lovin’ kind of feelin' / Times are changin’ ~ CORAL 62522 (1967) 


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