Beverly Brown

That excellent New Orleans singer Charles Brimmer is way overdue a detailed tribute on these pages, but while I’m still working on that piece here’s a little taster – a track that he wrote with his brother Ivory and produced for his own short-lived Brimco label. ListenDon’t Break My Heart is a lovely song beautifully interpreted by the deep sultry tone of Ms Brown. This is a classic southern soul song arranged in the traditional fashion – plenty of open space around the rhythm section, strong backing vocals and tasteful horns. The thing that prevents this being a killer is of course that dreadful burst of overdubbed rock guitar at the end of the first chorus. What could they have been thinking of??

I don’t know of any other recording by Beverly Brown – what a shame.

UPDATE ~ My thanks to those who wrote to me wth the deatils of Beverly's ABS 45 (now in the discography) including Greg Burgess, Marc Demuynck and Greg Mudry.

Greg Burgess adds that "Beverly Brown replaced Joan Johnson in the Dixie Cups around 1967 staying with them until the mid 1980s before leaving because of ill health."

Now all I have to do is find a copy of the ABS 45.


You got me helpless / Don't make me wait ~ ABS 109 (1967)
ListenDon’t break my heart
/ Take my love ~ BRIMCO 100 (1977?)


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