My love for you ~ DIT DOT 100

B B Brown

This fine deep soul ballad on the obscure Dit Dot label (his own?) out of Pompano Beach, FL is a really top class effort. The bluesy cadences to the chord changes on My Love For You work really well, and the gloomily riffing horns fit the mood to a T but the best part is Willie (“B B”) Brown’s desperate vocal as he tries to convince his lady of his passion. Heartbreaking stuff. Amazing to think thart this 45 has a 1977 date.

“I Weep” (with a Fort Lauderdale, FL address) is a strong R & B rocker with a touch of funk – and fans of this genre also go for his “Low Down Dirty Tramp” track.



I weep / That's it let's quit ~ DIT DOT 001 (1967)
Low down dirty tramp / My love for you ~ DIT DOT 100 (1977)


Note ~ The B B Brown on Rusty York's Cincinnati Jewel label is a white country singer.


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