You are what my heart needs - MARS LE TOUR 2090Rickey Andrews


At first this obscure 45 from the small label from Smyrna, GA sounds as if its going to be a competent version of Otis Redding's "That's What My Heart Needs". But after a couple of verses Rickey Andrews abandons the song and goes into an extended vamp on which he screams and hollers like a man possessed. The musicians behind him - the Chances Are band - respond by getting busier and busier as he ramps up the intensity. Check out the bass and organ especially. But they can't really keep up with this extraordinary vocal performance. Perhaps that's why the song was re-titled You Are What My Heart Needs. One for the deep fanatics only. The rather messy funk flip has got some admirers.

Take me back - RWA 585


UPDATE ~ Both Bosko Asanavic and Brian Poust (see Links) have written to me mentioning the RWA 45. Brian also linked me to his excellent Georgia blogspot here where his article on Rickey describes his membership of the Fabulous Denos before his all too brief solo career. I'm grateful to both Brian and Bosko as ever.


NEW UPDATE ~ I've now managed to find a copy of the RWA 45. Rickey's version of Johnny Taylor's "The Next Time" is an energetic toe tapper featuring some fine screaming vocals. But the self penned Take Me Back is a very strange track indeed. Over a dead slow rhythm he talks and cries (literally) his way through the number accompanied by a male chorus and an unnamed lady who puts the occasional line in. He calls on the horns to help him - but I can only hear a trumpet. Maybe the others got lost in the rather muddy mix. Some soul fans like these spoken sides and some loathe them. When they're as good as this one I'm in the former camp.



You are what my heart needs / Chances are you dance is mine ~ MARS LE TOUR 2090 (early 70s)
Take me back / The next time - RWA 585 (mid 70s)


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