Talk is so cheap - PAR LO 106

Paul Alexander

Par Lo records was formed by New Orleans teacher Warren Parker, with George Davis and Red Tyler providing the musical expertise. The label came about as no established company wanted to release Aaron Neville’s beautiful evergreen “Tell It Like It Is” that they had cut. So Par Lo ended up with the smash hit. Sadly they were unable to repeat this and indeed poor business management by Cosimo Matassa whose Dover umbrella organisation was handling the distribution and marketing of the disc meant that ironically the very success of the 45 brought about the downfall not just of Par Lo but also Dover as well. All the assets of both companies were seized by the IRS and the legal consequences of that are still not properly resolved to this day – hence the lack of proper reissues of the classic Crescent City music that Dover covered.

The only 45 other than Aaron Neville’s work which ought to be better known is this deep ballad from Paul Alexander. Can’t fault the musicianship of the New Orleans session men here – especially the big horn section and “fairground” organ (Willie Tee?) - and Alexander does a fine job too. Love the deep tone on the hookline.


ListenTalk is so cheap / Girls girls girls ~ PAR LO 106 (1967)


Thanks to my friend Matt Starr for the suggestion.

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