Here you’ll find articles – some brief, some less so – on soul music and the artists who made it. Mostly concentrating on deep soul and southern soul recordings from below the Mason - Dixon line in the Golden Age between about 1960 and 1980 when the dreaded synthesisers began to take over. But like all the “rules” of the site, this one was made to be broken, and a lot of other sorts of black music have found their way here as well.

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Latest News

19 October - new artist pages added - Maxine Womack, B Hill / J Young, Clarence Williams, Sambo and the Soul Brothers (2).

21 September - new artist pages added - Chuck Colbert, Sands Of Time, Ken McDaniel, Versitiles and Shelley Du Pont.

14 September - new artist pagess added - Bob Coswell, Inez & Charlie Foxx, E Gaunichaux & The Skeptics, Frank Polk and Mary Marvel.

27 July - new artist pages added - Bill Horton, Carol Ford, John Byrd, Bobby Young and Chris Harris.

6 July - new artist pages added - Barons, Lillian Dorr, Beverly Brown, Benny Scott and Teddy & The Counts.