Little Reuben

The issued cut of “In The Name Of Loneliness” is a modern soul monster, selling for a whole lot of money. And I do enjoy it, despite the synth “strings”, thanks to the fine melody and Reuben's double tracked vocals, full of gritty phrases and some lovely falsetto touches. However, when the song was recorded in Detroit around 1975/6, different takes were made as usual, and one of those was considered strong enough to have reached the acetate stage. And this version was taken at a much slower pace, allowing Reuben more space to show off his fine vocal range, and critically too the synths were much more restrained. And of course this is the one I much prefer, and which you can enjoy here.

UPDATE ~ Ken Settle has been in touch with more info about Little Reuben. He writes "Thank you so much for posting the alt take for Reuben's "In The Name Of Lonliness." That is the first that I'd heard this take and it is great! I was friends with Reuben until I lost touch with him in the '80s. Do you have any idea what he's up to now? Are you aware of the other Reuben 45s, "Do The Chickenscratch" (as King Leo & The Champions), "Stand Up Mr Washington," and one which I don't recall the title of, but recorded as Reuben Fischer and the Esquisites. Also, Reuben told me that he was on The Volumes, "I Love You," playing drums on a box!"

I'm really grateful to Mr Settle for all this info now taken on board in the discography. Sadly none of the tracks are relevant to this sote's main purpose.

NEW UPDATE ~ My great friend John Lias has kinbdly alerted me to the existance of an acetate of an unreleased LP by Little Reuben!. Although most of the tracks are psychedelic soul and of no interest to me, there is included a version of "In The Name Of Loneliness". This take is the same as the one you can hear on this page, but without the synths. Sadly I was unable to purchase the LP, or obtain an MP3 of this track so sadly I can't share it. Perhaps another copy will come along.



Chicken scratch Pt 1 / Pt 2 ~ LA CHAMBRE 1596 (late 60s?)


Get up and dance Pt1 / Pt 2 ~ CROW 6969 (1969?)


(I am) drum / Stand up Mr Washington ~ SOLAR 2002 (early 70s?)


In the name of loneliness / Inst ~ NR 602 (1976)

Special thanks to my friend Yass.

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